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Ultimate list of green living and fair trade shops online

If you are looking for ways to live a greener lifestyle, be gentler on the Earth, or kinder to other humans, this list is for you. This is the most comprehensive list of green living and fair trade shops available online.

Green living shops offer environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, personal care products, and textiles. Favored materials include bamboo and organic cotton. All of their products are free from common chemicals found in grocery store versions that contribute to skin irritation, allergies, and even the development of cancer.

Fair trade shops ensure artisans and workers receive a fair wage for their work. Often, these people are from poor countries, with few opportunities to earn money while avoiding exploitation. Products are typically handmade, original, and unique.

Here is the ultimate list of green living and fair trade shops online.

Done Good: home, fashion, cleaning

green living and fair trade

Earth Hero: home, clothing, beauty, pets

Fair Trade Winds: fashion, home, bags

Society B: home goods

Serrv: home, garden, fashion

Ethica: beauty products and fashion

Ten Thousand Villages: home, garden, jewelry

Thrive market: groceries, bath and body

Feed: leather purses and totes

Deux Mains: sustainable fashion

Ettitude: bedding

Five North Chocolate: fair trade chocolate

fair trade

Hand in Hand: soap and hand sanitizer

Full Circle Home: sponges and home cleaning products

Indigenous: organic clothing

Kind Karma: jewelry

Made Free: women's and men's bags

Malia Designs: handbags

Sudzly: organic and vegan bath and body

organic and vegan

Maven Women: eco-fashion

Panda: bamboo sunglasses and watches

Pistol Lake: activewear for men

Big Dipper Wax Works: pure beeswax candles

green living

Teadora: vegan beauty products

Yoga Democracy: yoga clothing made in the USA

Plushbeds: organic mattresses and bedding

Divine chocolate: fair trade chocolate

Prana: sustainable clothing

Kind clothing: ethical clothing

Everlane: sustainable clothing

Little Red Cup: organic fair trade tea

Cariloha: bamboo towels and bedding

Inner Waves organics: sustainable yoga clothing

Teeki: yoga clothing made from recycled materials

Earth mama: mom and baby products

Bees Wrap: sustainable food storage

Biobag: organic waste disposal tools and bags

Bambu: sustainable home goods

Package Free Shop: beauty products, health products, zero-waste kits

Accompany: apparel, decor, accessories

Boody: sustainable clothing

The Ultimate Green Store: home goods, bath and body, kids, clothing

Did I miss something? Leave me a comment and let me know.



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