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20 Halloween Treats that Aren’t Candy

Everyone expects candy on Halloween, but sometimes an unexpected non-candy treat can be a very pleasant surprise. Often parents appreciate a little variety in the mix as well, and a break from the sugar.

Here are 20 non-candy Halloween treats.


1. Play-doh: Small containers of play-doh offer endless fun for kids of all ages. You could add some cookie cutter shapes or play-doh shaping tools into the bowl of goodies as well.

2. Glow sticks: Anything that glows in the dark will be a hit on Halloween. Many glow sticks can hook together to make bracelets or necklaces.

3. Bubbles: Small containers of bubbles are cheap and fun. Even babies can appreciate the entertainment value.

4. Stickers: You can pick any theme you want, or several. Halloween stickers or cartoon characters would be a big hit.

5. Bouncy balls: There are so many types of bouncy balls to choose from these days, but these remain a classic.

6. Gum: Whether it’s gum balls or packs of gum sticks, this is a pleasant surprise for kids.

7. Glitter gel pens: Fun craft supplies, such as glitter gel pens, can be used long after Halloween.

8. Washable tattoos: Again, there is a whole variety from which you can choose for washable tattoos. Halloween themes of bats and pumpkins are fun, but cartoon characters and animals work well too.

9. Stamps: Another type of craft supply, washable stamps are a great non-candy treat. You could even include a variety of ink pad colors in the bowl.

10. Balloons: These aren’t just reserved for birthdays. Balloons in Halloween colors with ribbons to tie to a child’s wrist are a wonderful surprise.

11. Pencils: You can special order pencils with the year and city or with a Halloween theme.

12. Key chains: Small key chains are an unexpected non-candy treat.

13. Slap bracelets: You can buy small items like slap bracelets in bulk on party supply sites or online stores. These fun treats have a retro vibe.

14. Beads: You can make small pouches of beads and string for kids to make bracelets, or you can just let kiddos pick from a bowl full of different beads.

15. Flower seeds: Small packets of flower seeds for kids to plant are fun. You can offer small cups of soil as well.

16. Marbles: Anything a child can collect, such as marbles, will be a hit.

17. Yo-yos: A classic toy that kids will love.

18. Pet rock kits: Flat rocks along with a paint brush and a couple of paints becomes an awesome pet rock kit.

19. Bath bombs: These are easy to make yourself or buy in bulk. Kids love bath time toys.

20. Gourds: Mini pumpkins or gourds make for a fun and unexpected Halloween surprise. Kids will love having their very own.


Although full-size candy bars will always be the most sought after Halloween treat, a person can only eat so many. Having other unexpected options on Halloween is a great way to enhance the fun.



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