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Well, hello! I'm Kat. Welcome to my blog and writing oasis. I write about anything and everything related to living a healthier, happier life. 

So you want to know more about me, huh? Well, I'm a science writer by day, scientist by training, and a certified personal trainer. I'm also a single mom to three kids and two cats. That doesn't leave a ton of spare time, but I'm the type to write a blog rather than change out of my pajamas and socialize. 

My articles are based on personal experience and science. In other words, I write what I know and I love to share valuable knowledge. 

I live in the mountains of New Mexico. I love being able to walk out my door and jump on a hiking trail.

I'd like to learn more about you and what brought you here. Drop me a line!

Kat Coggeshall

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