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Fresh, unique baby names, part 2

If you are looking for some fresh baby name ideas, you’ve come to the right place. In part 1 of fresh, unique baby names, 21 suggestions were offered for girls and 21 more were offered for boys.

This follow-up article adds another 40 names to your list of options!

I'm a big believer in unique names, not just because I was one of 13 other Katharines in my small graduating class, but also because we are living in unique times. There has never been a generation more deserving of a stamp of special, different, or unique than the pandemic babies.

The hard part is finding a name that fits just right. Hopefully this list will help.

Unique girl baby names

1. Lennie

2. Poppy

3. Caitriona

4. Sayler

5. Huntsley

6. Dublin

7. Cedar

8. Dolce

9. Clover

10. Chiara

11. Bea

12. Myla

13. Sage

14. Saffron

15. Genoa

16. Cove

17. Adeline

18. Cecily

19. Tyne

20. Lane


Unique boy baby names

1. Rio

2. Fermi

3. Ares

4. Slate

5. Lex

6. Evander

7. Gray

8. Trevi

9. Fennec

10. Dolon

11. Tarn

12. Vance

13. Ash

14. Koa

15. Atlas

16. Niels

17. Gibbs

18. Callum

19. Aeneas

20. Odin



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