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Fresh, Unique Baby Names for 2021

unique baby names

Finding fresh and original baby names can feel like a challenge when all of the typical lists focus on top-ranked names instead. If you are looking for a unique name, those lists won’t be much help, as they are stuffed with overly used options.

Unique baby names are a great way to separate your child from the crowd and let them feel special. The idea of choosing a unique baby name isn’t new; in fact, it has been trending upward in the U.S. for the last two decades at least. The Social Security name database detailed this trend by revealing that 40 percent of boys received a top-10 most common name in the 1880s, but fewer than 10 percent received one in 2007. Times have changed.

However, continually finding unique baby names year after year is becoming more of a challenge. Almost as soon as a new name list is published do these fresh baby names get snapped up, and then they aren’t unique anymore. Demand for fresh baby name lists is as high as it has ever been.

So, here are some inspiring, fresh baby names for 2021. Twenty-one original options are offered for girls and twenty-one more for boys. These choices are sure to spice up your baby-naming debate.


Baby girl names:

baby names 2021

1. Dove

2. Juniper

3. Wren

4. Phoenix

5. Marigold

6. Lilah

7. Bleu

8. Cielo

9. Marron

10. Sedona

11. Nova

12. Pepper

13. Ceres

14. Callisto

15. Persephone

16. Rhea

17. Aoede

18. Dublin

19. Moon

20. Iska

21. Poppy


Baby boy names:

baby boy names 2021

1. Noah

2. Drew

3. Phippin

4. Vance

5. Colt

6. Apollo

7. Caspian

8. River

9. Orion

10. Brooks

11. Kai

12. Jaeger

13. Rio

14. Onyx

15. Ceto

16. Logos

17. Kale

18. Sao

19. Stone

20. Gray

21. Atlas

To find more unique baby names, consider astrological names related stars, new galaxies, and phenomena. Also, names related to nature are likely to be well-received as more attention turns toward climate. Literature is another great source for strong baby names.

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