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Should you buy a hydrogen car?

Cars powered by hydrogen fuel are becoming more affordable and practical. They emit only water, offering a much greener and cleaner alternative to the traditional combustion engine found in common cars.

No greenhouse gases

If you are looking for a way to combat global warming or to generally help the Earth, buying a hydrogen car as an alternative to a regular car is a very good idea. Hydrogen cars are far gentler on the Earth. They don't emit greenhouse gases like traditional cars do when burning oil-derived gasoline.

The thing to note here is that hydrogen cars are still cars. They still require maintenance and manufacturing, so if you have the option to walk or bike instead of driving, you should do so.

Most American towns and cities are not particularly walkable. So, in the instance that you need a car, a hydrogen car is your best bet. They are better than public transportation in terms of greenhouse gases, but as hydrogen vehicles become more prominent, you may have the chance to ride on a hydrogen-powered bus.

More and more transportation vehicles are making the switch to hydrogen fuel, such as boats, trucks, and motorcycles. Fork lifts running on hydrogen help warehouse workers avoid toxic fumes in enclosed spaces.

Now more affordable

Hydrogen technology has come a long way in the last few years, and these advances have led to reduced costs for consumers.

Hydrogen fuel is cheaper and easier for filling stations to store and maintain, the cost to manufacture hydrogen cars has come down as demand has gone up, and access to hydrogen fuel has become more ubiquitous. All of these milestones come with benefits to the consumer.

hydrogen fueling station
Common filling stations like Shell have adopted hydrogen fuel.

Hydrogen cars aren't an oddity anymore. They are becoming quite mainstream and practical. The technology has received a lot of financial backing, and the results are pouring in.

You can find top car brands selling hydrogen cars:

These are just a few. The prices are pretty comparable to a regular new car, too. As hydrogen cars become more mainstream, you will be able to buy a quality used hydrogen car, which is typically a better financial investment than buying a new car off the lot.

Set a new standard

One of the remaining hurdles to widespread adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles is cultural norms. People don't like being different or sticking out.

It is going to take a few strong voices to help establish a new standard. People like Greta Thunberg, the teenage sensation advocating for environmentalism, can help populations understand the value of adopting clean energy sources and prioritizing our planet.

In short, should you buy a hydrogen car? The answer is likely yes. They are now affordable, and they are far better for the planet than traditional cars.


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