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Green living: Eutree offers forest-free wood for home projects

Protecting forests is particularly important for combating global warming. Trees have the power to hold large amounts of carbon, keeping greenhouse gasses from escaping into the atmosphere. But tree wood is a very popular material for flooring, furniture, and paneling.

Is there a more sustainable, greener living option to sourcing wood for these home projects? The answer is Eutree.

Forest free

Eutree offers a fantastic alternative to cutting down forests for wood. Instead, they repurpose wood diverted from urban tree services. If a tree is designated to be cut down in a residential neighborhood that tree could become your new flooring. Eutree makes that sustainable conversion process possible, while protecting needed forests.

It's never ideal to cut down a tree, but repurposing trees that do get cut down is smart, savvy, and far better for the planet than logging forests.

Trees can be problematic for neighborhoods, such as when a tree grows too large for a plot and the roots interfere with plumbing systems. This happens frequently; residential areas change rapidly to accommodate population growth and demand for housing. What used to be ample space for a tree to live becomes targeted land for new residences.

green living sustainable wood
White oak being cut into slabs for live edge tables

Small batches = unique

The diverted trees vary in species from white oak to black walnut to pecan. It's every wood species you can find growing in the United States, so the list is long. Even less common species like Georgia gum can be found at Eutree!

They don't keep a full stock of everything all the time like a typical lumber store. It's stocked based on which trees need to be repurposed.

The best part about this process, aside from the obvious benefits to the environment, is the uniqueness it can offer. With Eutree, you certainly won't have a neighbor with the exact same live edge table as you. You could have flooring made from rich pecan wood or cherry wood, and you can feel good about it knowing it was looking for a new purpose.

Products at Eutree

Eutree is a boutique lumber source, so the products they offer include wood for flooring, paneling, slabs, beams, and lumber. You can do almost anything with these options.

sustainable wood table
A unique coffee table made from beams

They even offer a root-to-fruit option that allows you to use your own tree that needs to be cut down and turn it into wood for your home. It's a beautiful way to honor and repurpose old-growth trees that have been a part of your life.

Top green living business

Eutree has already made some top green living lists and garnered awards along the way. If you are looking for legitimate ways to live a greener lifestyle and support a greener home, Eutree is a great place to start.

Eutree won Green America's People and Planet award, Georgia Tree Council's Excellence in Urban Forestry award, and Houzz's Best of Houzz service award. This won't be the last you hear about Eutree.

I haven't used Eutree yet, but I plan to in the near future for live edge shelves I'd like to install in my home. I stumbled upon this business while researching sustainable wood sources, and I thought I would share the knowledge I gained through the process. The business model really resonated with me, and the wood is real, natural, and beautiful. I'm sure I'll think of other projects in the future where I could use Eutree instead of highly manufactured products from Lowes or Home Depot.

I'll be sure to update this post when I do get the shelves.



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