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Fight Global Warming on a Personal Level

With the results presented at the United Nations Climate Change Summit in 2019, it has become apparent that inaction is not an option. But what can we do as individuals to help stop climate change? The answer is that we can do quite a lot.

There are a number of factors that contribute to climate change: energy consumption, poor farming practices, and reliance on imports are just a few. You as an individual can control the part you play in each of these factors. Here is a list of ways you can fight global warming on a personal level.


Don't use pesticides on your property

If you own your property, you have the final say in what chemicals are used. Not using pesticides goes a long way for the earth and for your health. Weed killer and insect killer are the predominant classes of pesticides used, but you can forgo both, using natural solutions instead.

Grow heirloom varieties

Many plants and seeds offered today are genetically modified for color and bloom length. However, these varieties do not offer the same pollen and nutritional value to bees, birds, and insects. Choosing heirloom varieties for your garden helps feed pollinators, which in turn helps keep our farming and food supply at the needed level.

Grow your own food

Growing your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables is a great way to tackle global warming on a personal level. Not only are you cutting down on the fossil fuels used to transport food, you are ensuring the nutritional value of your food is maximized. You can also donate your extra produce to neighbors or your community.

Use LEDs

Switching to LEDs from traditional light bulbs can help save energy. LEDs last longer and consume less than traditional bulbs. Also, remember to always turn off your lights if you are not using them.

Purchase eco-fashion

Switching to fashion brands that are based on sustainability is a great way to stop global warming on a personal level. Eco brands use sustainable materials, such as bamboo, or recycled materials to create clothing for you. Often, these are very soft, high-quality products that last longer than fast-fashion brands.

No more dryer

When you can, line dry your clothing rather than using your dryer, which consumes a very large amount of energy. However, if you live in a very humid area, consider using wool dryer balls in your dryer to cut down on drying time.

Buy local

Not only does buying products locally enhance your local economy, it also reduces the fossil fuels spent on personal deliveries. Fewer personal deliveries means less gas, less factory pollution, and less packaging.

Cut out red meat

Farming animals for red meat causes increased methane production. We are a supply-demand economy, so if you reduce your demand, the supply required will also reduce. Fewer animals will be farmed, and less methane will be produced.

Use greener transportation

Riding a bicycle or walking are the best options for making a personal impact on global warming, but using public transportation also helps by cutting down on fossil fuel use.

Forgo plastic straws

If you can get by without a straw, just drink straight from your cup. But if you really need to use a straw, choose a stainless steel straw instead of plastic. Many plastics can't be recycled.


These are just a few ways that you can fight global warming on a personal level. The more you can reduce your energy use, add plants to the earth, and do your best to reduce harmful chemicals like methane and pesticides, the more you are doing as an individual to stop global warming.



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