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30 reasons New Mexico is a healthy place to live

With sunshine, blue skies, and clear star views, New Mexico is one of the healthiest places to live in the United States.

Perhaps you've never heard of New Mexico, or you wonder where it's located. It's easy to pass over because the population is small and it's not known for being a "showy" state. Rather, the beauty of New Mexico is in it's quiet presence. The focus here is on nature.

This isn't landscaped, man-made nature. New Mexico is raw, rugged nature in its true form. There are mountains with jagged cliffs, cacti with spiked defenses, and sunshine so intense you need to wear sunglasses most days. But along with this untamed terrain comes clean air and spectacular landscapes.

Space is one of New Mexico's top natural resources, and that is something that has become vital because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, you can go for miles without seeing a soul. The land is affordable, and you can drive and hike without running into crowds.

These are just some of the reasons New Mexico is a healthy choice. Here is a full list of 30 that will convince you to come to the Land of Enchantment.

30 reasons New Mexico is a healthy place to live

  1. The air pollution is very low

  2. Easy access to hiking and biking trails

  3. Land is affordable for farming or gardening

  4. The skies are clear for star gazing

  5. Social distancing is easy because of low population

  6. Landscapes offer opportunities for photography and painting

  7. Communities are small and close-knit

  8. It's easy to make a difference

  9. Small towns are walkable and bikable

  10. Homes are affordable

  11. Children have space to run and play

  12. Farmers markets are frequent and common

  13. Taxes are low for entrepreneurs

  14. Weather allows for lots of time outdoors

  15. Mountains offer excellent skiing and hiking

  16. The weather is temperate, but allows for the feeling of time passing

  17. Skiing is affordable

  18. The health and wellness community is strong

  19. Alternative medicine is easily accessible

  20. There isn't a lot of focus on material goods

  21. Ample sunshine is perfect for solar energy use

  22. Multiple national labs offer high-paying tech jobs

  23. College is affordable

  24. Scholarships abound for NM high school grads

  25. Sunshine supplies vitamin D all year

  26. Horseback riding is affordable and accessible

  27. The state culture and cuisine are distinct

  28. The people are welcoming

  29. Native American history is preserved

  30. Creative culture is encouraged

As a New Mexico native, I've experienced the benefits of this state. It's hard for other places to truly compare in terms of healthy living. I think the most important factor for me is the ample space because you can live, breathe, and walk in your own domain. Unlike large cities, you aren't ever cramped in New Mexico. It's wide open spaces, and that really nourishes a part of our human condition that doesn't get readily fed in other states.

You can learn more about New Mexico through the tourism department, called New Mexico True.



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