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Earn money with Constant Content

Got what it takes to be freelance writer but not sure how to find a gig? Constant Content is your answer.

Writing isn't for everyone, but for those who are interested in giving it a try, a decent side income can be made. Constant Content is a hub for freelance writers looking to sell content and buyers looking to snatch it up.

There are two options for writing with Constant Content: responding to customer requests for specific content or writing whatever you want for the catalog. With either choice, you have to be patient about when your content will sell. It can take time, but chances are good it will sell within a few months.

The process

Constant Content doesn't accept everyone or every article. If you want to write for them, you have to audition. This means they provide a writing prompt and you create a sample article based on that. They'll let you know if you've made the cut.

The longer you are with them, selling articles and working with customers, the more customer requests you'll be eligible to take on. You are never obligated to take on a request, but these can lead to more steady work than just writing for the catalog.

For any article you write, you submit through the Constant Content website. It automatically goes to an editor who reviews your piece. They will either accept it right away or let you know what changes are needed in order to get it accepted. You can make the needed changes right in the website submission form and then resubmit to the editor.

Once accepted, your article is visible to the customers. If it's in the catalog, customers can purchase your article on a first come, first serve basis. Only one copy will be sold for full rights. This means you no longer own that article.

If you submit an article specifically for a customer request, that customer will decide whether they want the article or not. If they don't want to buy it, your article will move to the catalog, where all the other customers can see it.

Your articles will stay in the catalog for as long as it takes for someone to buy it.

The profit

So, how much money can you make from Constant Content? It's up to you.

As the writer, you price your content however you want. The site takes a cut of 35%, so it's good to keep that in mind. While it seems like a reasonable plan to price articles high so you make as much money as possible, fewer customers will be willing to choose your content. It's a better idea to stick with average pricing, and each article has to have a minimum price of $7.

A sales price of $20-30 is normal for a 500-700 word article. This is the price the customer pays, so your earnings will be around $13-19.50. Generally longer articles can be priced higher. Also, very niche articles with no competition can be priced higher as well.

Your profits will show up in your Constant Content account, which gets cashed out twice a month. There is no minimum balance for cash out, which is really nice.

The review

I've been writing for Constant Content for years. I submit one or two articles a month at a price point of about $20 each. I've sold over 120 articles so far, and I have plenty more in the catalog. For me, it's a fun hobby and I enjoy the extra cash. It's never been a super lucrative side hustle, but an extra $20-50 a month is nice to have.

I find the process to be simple, and the website is pretty user friendly. Some editors are pickier than others, but I've never had an unreasonable editing request. You don't get to pick your editor, they are anonymous and likely randomly assigned.

As far as topics, I write whatever I want. That's the part I really enjoy. Sometimes a topic will just pop into my head and I'll think "Hey, that'd be a great article for Constant Content." I think the more you write for them the more topics just start to come to you. It gets easier, and you learn what sells.

Some articles will sell the day they get accepted, whereas others will sit in the catalog for months. For me, I lower the article price by a few dollars if I notice an article isn't selling. As the writer, you can also see how many customers have clicked on the article, so if I'm not getting clicks, I consider changing the category or search terms.

Overall, I recommend Constant Content as a fun, low-stress way to earn a little money. As long as you have the right perspective about the process, the time frame, and the profit, I think it's definitely worth pursuing.



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