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30 Remote Careers to Consider

Remote jobs

Remote careers offer a myriad of benefits. Often, a remote career means you can live anywhere you like, instead of settling for a living situation that is conveniently located to your office. Not only can this enable you to afford more square footage, it can also allow people once city-bound to embrace a life ensconced in nature.

In other words, remote careers are an opportunity to reshape your life and your priorities. Imagine traveling around the world while maintaining an income. Or, living near family without having to sacrifice your job.

Remote careers have often been the Holy Grail, but they were hard to come by in the past. Post-2020, however, remote careers are booming. Some fields have better lent themselves to the remote movement than others, but innovation is allowing more careers to enter the remote realm almost daily.

Here are 30 remote careers to consider.


1. Freelance writer

Freelancing is a great way to earn extra income and remain flexible; however, most of these jobs are temporary and don't come with benefits. Freelance writing can include blogging, writing for magazines, or even reviewing products.

2. Tax preparer

This remote job is seasonal but consistent. Therefore, you could do it part-time or you could opt to work overtime during the tax season to make up for lower income in other months.

3. Technical writer

This is a more permanent version of a writing career, so it does come with benefits. Technical writers are expected to format and edit documents as well as create original content related to a technical field.

4. Travel agent

Travel has been stifled for quite some time, but it is picking up quickly. You can research deals, packages, itinerary and more for travelers.

5. Freelance editor

Jobs that specifically designate editor as the role are not looking for original content creation, rather they expect you to review a document grammatically, for format, and for consistency. A style guide may be designated.

6. Technical editor

Similar to a freelance editor role, a technical editor performs the same editing functions but specifically with technical documents.

7. IT

Careers in IT can take many forms, but most lend themselves to remote work. This could be help desk, customer support, systems administration, or trouble-shooting work.

8. Virtual assistant

This remote career is taking off now that more people are working from home and are in need of admin-type help. The work can range depending on the client but may consist of scheduling tasks, taking messages, managing email, and so on.

9. Contact tracer

This is a new career, brought about by the pandemic. Contact tracers identify people who have been in contact with COVID-19-positive people and alert them to their risk.

10. Accountant

This is a classic career that lends itself well to remote work. Often, accountants have a college degree in that area, which is a numbers-based field.

11. Online fitness instructor

With the use of Zoom, Skype, or another video app, you can teach fitness classes online. This could be a group class or one-on-one with a client. Certification in group fitness or as a personal trainer is recommended.

12. Customer support

Many businesses need customer support workers, whether that business is retail, software, or anything in between. You field customer questions and assist them.

13. Data entry

This can be a simple task for a numbers-oriented person, even at entry level. However, there are also higher-level jobs in data science as well.

14. Graphic designer

If you enjoy creativity and art, you might do well in the field of graphic design. This can be designing infographics, logos, and more.

15. Web developer

Small businesses and large businesses alike require web developers. You can help code and create web pages and web sites.

16. Language translator

If you speak two languages fluently, translation can be a profitable remote career. You can also teach with this skill.

17. Project management

This tends to be a higher-level career and therefore requires years of experience. You would manage a project, often including management of staff, budgets, and deliverables.

18. Curriculum writer

You can write test questions for an assessment company or you can write all of the curriculum for a given class. Some of these jobs will require teaching certification.

19. Guidance counselor

High schools, community colleges, and universities all need guidance counselors. This job entails mapping out courses of study and career paths for students.

20. Software developer

If you are good at computer coding, you might consider software development as a remote career. This requires some specialized skills.

21. Notary

Becoming a notary is a fairly straightforward process, but it does require certification. Once approved, your services might be needed frequently for legal documents.

22. Loan processor

Loans and mortgages have taken off in the past year, so there is plenty of room for you to enter into the field. There is an initial learning curve on documentation, but once you understand what's needed, you will likely have plenty of clients.

23. Event planner

Planning events requires attention to detail and plenty of phone calls, but it makes for a surprisingly efficient remote career.

24. E-commerce representative

Retail isn't always in the form of brick-and-mortar shops. More e-commerce stores are popping up, and they need representatives to help their customers.

25. Talent recruiter

Companies often rely on a recruiter to sift through the pile of resumes they receive for a given position. They also need a recruiter to take the lead on discovering ideal talent.

26. Fact checker

This is an important role in journalism, news, and other forms of writing. It's also very easy to do as a remote career.

27. Analyst

This is a broad term that can have a few meanings, but you will find many job opportunities with this title. Often, an analyst needs to have critical thinking skills to review information and analyze it, drawing conclusions.

28. Podcast producer

Podcasts have become a go-to form of communication, and they are likely here to stay. Because the barrier to entry is low, there are many opportunities for you to get a job as a podcast producer.

29. Claims adjuster

This is a traditional career that lends itself well to remote work. With a bit of experience and industry knowledge, you could land this job and work remotely for the rest of your career.


Similar to a graphic designer, an illustrator creates art. However, you don't have to stick to virtual designs. An illustrator may use various forms of art media to create their work. This can also be uploaded digitally.


Any of these careers can be searched along with the term "remote" to find an available job and learn about the needed qualifications. Many job sites, such as Indeed, offer a filter where you can specifically select remote as the location. Additionally, newer job sites have popped up, and they are specifically dedicated to remote jobs, gigs, and careers.

One thing to consider when hunting for a remote career is the scam risk. If you are going to supply your social security number or other personal information to a company, you should make sure it is a legitimate offer from a reputable place. Check the company's website, check with the Better Business Bureau, and search extensively before committing to a remote opportunity.

However, before you decide to search for a new job, consider talking with your current boss about whether your position could be converted to a remote position. Offer solutions to the obstacles your boss presents. If you are creative, and perhaps lucky, you just might be able to keep your current position and go remote.



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