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30 finance tips for Gen Z

30 finance tips for Gen Z
30 finance tips for Gen Z

There are so many positive things about being Generation Z: you were born with technology in the palm of your hand. But, for as savvy as you are, there is still much you can learn from those before you. This is especially true when it comes to finance.

Having healthy finances isn't about making more money; it's about learning to live within your means and saving as much as you can. More than anything, this takes discipline.

For Gen Z, immediate gratification is all too common. It's important to learn strategy and long-term satisfaction when it comes to your money rather than spending it quickly on material goods. Credit cards and loans have made lavish lifestyles too accessible. That combined with social media, which portrays a lopsided view of people's lives, promotes a "keeping up with the Jones'" attitude.

It's tough to say no to all of that. Bucking the norm of living with debt is actually harder than it seems, even though it's obviously healthier.

Spending is a culture, and it's one you have to pull away from if you want to be successful in your finances.

Here are 30 finance tips for you, Gen Z.

  1. Limit the number of credit cards you have to 3 or fewer

  2. Apply for scholarships

  3. Get a job, even while you are in college

  4. Buy things second hand

  5. Get a roommate to cut rent costs

  6. Track your spending

  7. Pay your credit cards on time each month

  8. Check your credit every few months

  9. Stick with your credit cards instead of bouncing around

  10. Open a Roth IRA

  11. Set small finance goals each month

  12. Learn about passive income

  13. Buy the car you need, not the car you want

  14. Use coupons

  15. Eat leftovers

  16. Learn to cook

  17. Build an emergency savings account

  18. Don't loan money to friends

  19. Never spend more than 50% of your income on rent/mortgage

  20. Check your credit cards monthly for fraud

  21. Cash in your credit card perks

  22. Turn off lights and electronics when not in use

  23. Protect your personal information and passwords

  24. Avoid fast fashion and low-quality clothes

  25. Find a side hustle you enjoy

  26. Invest in dumbbells instead of a monthly gym

  27. Learn to do your own taxes

  28. Swap clothes with friends instead of buying new

  29. Spend time creating a great resume

  30. Save until it's almost painful

You will find that most of your friends and peers accept debt as a part of life, but it doesn't have to be that way (and it shouldn't be that way!). The biggest costs tend to be housing, education, and credit card debt. Focus on keeping those in check and you'll do better than average.



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