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10 small money goals for this month

The most important factor in achieving your money goals is actually setting them. This can seem overwhelming, but when you break your goals down into small, achievable tasks, you are more likely to accomplish your larger money goals.

Here are 10 small money goals you can try to achieve this month.

  1. Deposit your coins into your savings account.

  2. Check your credit score.

  3. Increase your 401k contribution by 1%.

  4. Cash in your credit card rewards.

  5. Sell one unused item in your home.

  6. Calculate how much you spent on groceries this month.

  7. Use a coupon.

  8. Cancel an unused or unneeded subscription.

  9. Sign up for rewards accounts to receive discounts (i.e., Dominos, Sephora, Starbucks)

  10. Write down your larger money goals.

Perseverance is actually the key to financial health. It's a matter of thinking about what you want to achieve and not stopping until you achieve it. Checking off smaller goals builds confidence and conviction.

If your financial goals consist of "pay off student loans" and "get rid of all credit card debt" you will inevitably become frustrated and overwhelmed. Those large goals are achievable, but they aren't where you should start. Break those hefty goals down into smaller, more achievable goals.



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