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101 stress-reducing hobbies you can do at home

We have all experienced more stress than usual lately. Job losses, remote work, and school closures are some of the most common stressors right now, but divorce, mental health issues, physical health issues, and many other concerns may be added to your already full plate.

It's important to find ways to reduce stress before it boils over. This is a good time to try new hobbies you might have dismissed previously.

Here are 101 stress-reducing hobbies you can do at home

  1. Read

  2. Garden

  3. Start a compost bin

  4. Knit

  5. Bird watch

  6. Learn to sew

  7. Take up photography

  8. Redecorate

  9. Shop online

  10. Start a blog

  11. Crochet

  12. Join a virtual art class

  13. Play an instrument

  14. Paint

  15. Sing

  16. Declutter

  17. Start a collection

  18. Make jewelry

  19. Meditate

  20. Sleep

  21. Exercise

  22. Cook

  23. Learn a language

  24. Rearrange furniture

  25. Draw

  26. Learn macrame

  27. Do a crossword puzzle

  28. Play chess

  29. Play cards

  30. Adopt a pet

  31. Write a story

  32. Join a virtual book club

  33. Find a pen pal

  34. Start calligraphy

  35. Take a free course online

  36. Learn to make bath salts

  37. Do a DIY project

  38. Learn flower arranging

  39. Start scrapbooking

  40. Try nail art

  41. Make your own cleaning supplies

  42. Start a podcast

  43. Invest in the stock market

  44. Try yoga

  45. Build a birdhouse

  46. Make a photo calendar

  47. Try coloring books for adults

  48. Explore new music

  49. Do a puzzle

  50. Start a gratitude journal

  51. Teach your pet new tricks

  52. Explore a virtual museum tour

  53. Learn origami

  54. Foster an animal

  55. Subscribe to a magazine

  56. Take a mindfulness class

  57. Try quilting

  58. Write your memoir

  59. Try a new recipe

  60. Learn needlepoint

  61. Try model building

  62. Join a virtual trivia team

  63. Learn about a foreign country

  64. Take a history class

  65. Try barre

  66. Try Pilates

  67. Paint pottery

  68. Organize a closet

  69. Make a list of goals

  70. Donate unwanted items

  71. Dye your hair

  72. Start a walking routine

  73. Try a word game online

  74. Try Sudoku

  75. Get certified in something

  76. Try extreme couponing

  77. Write an opinion piece

  78. Submit a poem to a literary journal

  79. Check out genealogy

  80. Try candle making

  81. Learn card tricks

  82. Watch documentaries

  83. Fundraise for a charity

  84. Join a virtual community event

  85. Try upcycling

  86. Try circuit training

  87. Learn Feng Shui

  88. Start weight lifting

  89. Learn about religions

  90. Make your own tea

  91. Become a sommelier

  92. Build your own computer

  93. Learn to code

  94. Learn to whittle

  95. Try star gazing

  96. Create your own recipe

  97. Solve mazes

  98. Become a tutor

  99. Roast your own coffee

  100. . Learn to make jam

  101. . Invent something

Certainly something on this list sparks your interest or triggers an idea of your own. The goal is to try new things and see what you enjoy. What helps melt your stress away?

Long-term stress left to fester can cause physical damage to your body. That's why it is so important to find hobbies that help you release some of that stress in a healthy way. Taking the time to relieve stress is an investment in your mental and physical health. It isn't selfish, and it isn't something you should put off.



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